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kearstin かわいい (kaasuten)

like i told lady freeze before i pulled her plug, this is a one-woman show.

taken by prince charming

dear livejournal stalker user:
i thoroughly enjoy and adore each of the following: halloween season, traveling, sanrio, anime/hentai, video games, tattoos, toys, computers (apple devote), books, music, cartoons, fashion, cosplay, disney, zombies and of course: comics. my favorite colors are sky blue, brown, and beige. my favorite foods are chinese, sandwiches, ice cream and smartfood white cheddar popcorn. you know what, i love all food. even the kind i can't pronounce. just, don't put tomatoes on it. i use a sidekick 3 with plans to buy the sidekick 2008 (previously called the gekko) because i'm waiting for steve jobs to perfect the goddamn iphone. robots are sweet. i don't drink, do drugs or smoke, ever. but don't call me straight edge. that's for 14yr olds who think it's a fashion statement. i don't go to bars, i hate parties and their brobag environments that go with it.

i have many hobbies and talents, as i constantly strive to do new things as well as strive to better what i already do. i'm a drummer, singer, pianist, a potential arts and crafts designer, model, artist and graphic artist and photographer. i'm the co-founder of the vixens of vengeance and the (recently retired) assistant director for the annual vop fashion and rock show charity events. i'm extremely outgoing, i love meeting new people. perverts not welcome.

i have a fascination with greek mythology, it's reference to almost everything else in existence to this day and i also think it makes the most sense for human kind to consider. however, i'm in no way religious. in fact, christianity pisses me off the most. no, elvis is not dead. um, i sometimes wish i were a mermaid a lot. i'm a huge animal lover however i loathe peta. i love barbershop quartets and acapella. i spit, fart, shit and burp just like the rest of you. sometimes i shit liquid magma from my butthole and my farts will totally rip holes in space. i like space exploration, that much is obvious. sometimes i wish i were jean grey so bad, that i literally get upset about it. is that bad?

recently into photo-retouching, canvas painting of comic issues, and make-up work. commissions welcome!
i really wish i knew flash graphic work. i want to make websites.

i obsess over idolize a handjob of people: steve jobs, lithium picnic, t.h. taylor, mehosh dziadzio, jill greenberg, penn & teller, bruce timm, khary randolph, simon hayag, frank miller, jack kirby, john byrne, mark bagley, sam keith, shane glines, matt humphreys, adam hughes, todd mcfarlane, chris willingham, tyson mcadoo, and chris butler, steven sanchez, erin tan, stan lee, bernie dexter, masuimi max, sabina kelley, jessica white, adella, miracole, ruby rocket, yaya han, heidi van horne, raquel reed, riya ray, christina aguilera, gwen stefani, adriana lima, jessica alba, giselle bundchen, marilyn monroe, elvis presley, and of course the love of my life.

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